What is it all worth ?

Going beyond measuring

In the era of “quantified self”, the above question may pose a challenge in justifying one’s existence !

But a reference from Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s note on Dan Millman’s ( famous for the Way of the Peaceful warrior) book — Everyday Enlightenment, stopped me right in my tracks !

He talks about 12 tenets — I am just refering to the first one !

“Discover your worth”

Dan Millman was a gymnast and he refers to the scoring system where everyone starts with a perfect 10 and all the mistakes you commit start getting deducted from that !

What a way to look at life ! We all start with perfect 10's ! Then our conditioning, fears and insecurities start deducting from that default state !

So, the point of measuring, is really not about what score you can manage in life and validate your existence, but really about realising that there is nothing to measure, but “treasure” what we have always had right from the start !

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