What’s you Self Image setting ?

And why that matters

While going through another Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Note ( I have now made it a daily habit to read one without fail), this got my attention about how Self Image plays a role in our success journey :

“Essentially, the self-image governs how successful any individual becomes because it motivates and shapes work ethic and effort.

In this way, self-image is like a thermostat. If you set the thermostat at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the room drops to 71 degrees, the thermostat then sends a message to the heater to get to work. Warm air rushes into the room, and the room warms up to 72 degrees. When the room reaches 73 degrees, the thermostat tells the heater to stop working. All day long, the thermostat governs the temperature in the room and won’t allow the room temperature to rise or drop from the desired temperature for long. Human beings are the same way: we neither outperform nor underperform our self-image for long. That’s why it is so important to set your self-image gauge high enough to achieve your life goals. Set your self-image gauge too low, and by definition, you’ll underachieve, because your mind won’t call for the motivation to achieve more.”

— Jason Selk from Executive Toughness

This resonated with me because I encountered this many years ago when I gave up the corporate life and became an entrepreneur ( coach). I had read something similar in a book by Paul McKenna ( the famous Hypnotherapist) who talked about our income ( the actual amount) being linked to a “thermostat level” that was in our mind. It didn’t resonate till I did what he asked — do a calculation of the average bank balances over a year or two, average annual salary, etc.

I was shocked because the number that I earned when I was “employed” was very similar to the number that I was now earning as an entrepreneur ( after a year or so) !!

That got my attention as it definitely corroborated that there was a “thermostat like” number.

Similarly, when I look at what Jason Selk is referring to, it now makes sense that a lot of outcomes would ultimately be in sync with the “level of success” that is the current self image setting ! Change that if you want change to happen !

How does one do that ? By, having strong intentions of course, but more importantly, translating that to continued actions ( habits !) which demonstrate to the setting that it is ok to change it and the action is not an aberration !

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