PlanGrid’s API: connecting the software systems you love

Since before PlanGrid’s inception, we believed that using technology to deliver the right information to and from the field — in real-time — had the potential to minimize tedious construction tasks, reduce rework, and deliver projects ahead of schedule. This belief turned out to be a reality, and the construction industry enthusiastically agreed: as a company, we’ve had triple digit growth in the past year.

As more people adopted PlanGrid, another way to increase efficiency made itself clear: we needed to let our customers sync information from PlanGrid with their other software systems. Entering the same data into multiple applications is a time sink for anyone, especially construction professionals who are trying to minimize the distribution of incorrect (or out of date) information.

With this in mind, we’re proud to announce a new way to facilitate better synchronization with other best-in-class software: PlanGrid’s API.

Our API creates a world where:

  • Drawings are seamlessly pushed from 3D models in CAD and BIM software (or PDFs in cloud storage) to versioned drawings in PlanGrid
  • RFIs that are created in the field and pinned to a specific area on a drawing in PlanGrid are pushed automatically to project management (PM) software (then subsequent changes are automatically synced back to PlanGrid)
  • When submittals and other documents are closed in other software applications, they sync into PlanGrid attachments for immediate use by the field
  • As-builts and photos are created in PlanGrid’s easy to use mobile interface and sync back to cloud storage for archival
  • Issues, RFIs, and drawing logs sync into business intelligence software and drive operational insights (i.e. trends and performance)

This is just a small sample of use cases we’ve heard from our user base, and we’ve happily watched some of our beta customers cook up even more interesting integrations. We believe our API is only successful if it empowers you to connect PlanGrid to the software applications that matter most to your business, and we’re excited to help make that belief a reality — by creating world class documentation, using superior API design, and partnering with other best-in-class construction software companies.

PlanGrid has made an indelible impact on the construction industry by supercharging field collaboration, and we’re excited to move the industry forward again; this time, through software integration. And this is only the beginning.


The API Team: Michael, Ky, JP, Abhik, James, and Rob.