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And how it can help you create your Social Media playbook

All Time Plastics is a legacy homeware brand that manufactures food grade plastic products. The company has been in operation for more than 50 years, with a presence in 42 countries. It counts global retail giants like IKEA, TESCO and Amazon among its clients.

About Bonoboz

Bonoboz is a full-service digital marketing firm that enables businesses to grow their online presence and achieve their digital goals. In the past, Bonoboz has helped SMEs more than triple their reach & engagement rates on social media networks.

What was the brief?

All Time Plastics did not have any digital presence. …


2016 has been yet another fascinating year for the digital and social media landscape. India is amidst the highly debated ‘demonetization’ drive which has served as a fillip to getting businesses, small and big, to focus on a digital strategy. In the United States, a controversial Presidential election was won where tweets by one of the candidates dominated headlines instead of the debates. With Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, we knew social media was going to play an important role in the future of influence, reach and advocacy but Trump’s campaign now signals it’s dominance.

Add more product lines and variations to existing large social media channels and it brings us to brink of 2017. …

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You’ve established your brand on all the social media platforms. You get a good reach and engagement among your followers. It is good to see people responding positively to the content that you put out; your next challenge is to convert these fans into customers. This can be quite a task, which can be achieved if you have a proper plan and strategy in place.
Here are 7 simple ways in which you can increase the odds of your fans into customers:

7 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Fans into Customers

Define your objective and target audience

Before you decide your final strategy, you need to define the objective of your communication. What do you want to achieve with your social media activities? Is it to attract more customers? Improve the customer service experience? Boost brand recognition? Or attract more customers?
After finalizing a clear objective, you need to set a fixed target audience. While defining your audience, try being as specific as possible in terms of the demographics and psychographics that you want.
Once you’re done with this, you can make a content strategy that will cover:
1. Your key message.
2. Content that will appeal to your target audience.
3. A list of keywords that define and are relevant to your business. …


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