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All Time Plastics is a legacy homeware brand that manufactures food grade plastic products. The company has been in operation for more than 50 years, with a presence in 42 countries. It counts global retail giants like IKEA, TESCO and Amazon among its clients.

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Bonoboz is a full-service digital marketing firm that enables businesses to grow their online presence and achieve their digital goals. In the past, Bonoboz has helped SMEs more than triple their reach & engagement rates on social media networks.

What was the brief?


2016 has been yet another fascinating year for the digital and social media landscape. India is amidst the highly debated ‘demonetization’ drive which has served as a fillip to getting businesses, small and big, to focus on a digital strategy. In the United States, a controversial Presidential election was won where tweets by one of the candidates dominated headlines instead of the debates. With Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, we knew social media was going to play an important role in the future of influence, reach and advocacy but Trump’s campaign now signals it’s dominance.

Add more product lines and variations…

You’ve established your brand on all the social media platforms. You get a good reach and engagement among your followers. It is good to see people responding positively to the content that you put out; your next challenge is to convert these fans into customers. This can be quite a task, which can be achieved if you have a proper plan and strategy in place.
Here are 7 simple ways in which you can increase the odds of your fans into customers:

7 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Fans into Customers

Define your objective and target audience

Before you decide your final strategy, you need to define the objective of your communication. What do you…

For two weeks in the April of 2016, I set out to explore this small yet enchanting country. This post serves both as a space for reflection, but also hopefully as a helpful resource in planning out your own version of a trip to Japan.

Photo credits: Trishla Patel

It all started in Ahmedabad. I was booked on an Indigo flight from Ahmedabad to New Delhi. Trishla was separately booked on a flight from Bombay to New Delhi and from there we would get on the direct flight to Tokyo — no hassles.

Or so we thought.

The first hiccup was that my incoming flight from Goa was delayed by 2 hours. I had accounted for a few hours of delay so if they stuck to the rescheduled time, there was no reason for alarm.

The inbound flight did arrive by 7 (as was scheduled after the delay). It…

how social selling can boost your sales without boosting your budget
how social selling can boost your sales without boosting your budget

A few years ago, whenever people wanted to buy something, they would rely on traditional methods like word of mouth, asking different vendors, etc. The manufacturers used to do cold calls or actually send salesmen from house to house to give product demos.

With the coming in of digital era, it has become very simple to reach a large mass of people at the same time via different social media platforms. …

the perfect social media marketing plan
the perfect social media marketing plan

Social Media is the best platform today to establish and continuously evolve your brand story. The biggest boon of social media is the fact that it’s no longer a one-way communication. The audience will participate in the story, provided that it’s captivating. It is a medium which you should be using to tell the progression of your brand story.

Social media marketing, if done properly will not only get you consumers; but will also get you brand prosumers. (Someone who uses the brand & actively advocates it to others as well)

7 Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan for your Brand

Have a complete plan in place before execution

The mistake that a lot of marketers make is…

content marketing, content marketing strategy, content marketing for brands
content marketing, content marketing strategy, content marketing for brands

In today’s digital era, with every single activity and thought going online, people are slowly shifting from the traditional forms of advertising to the digital ones.When it comes to Digital Marketing, Content marketing is one of its most important elements. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

To put it in simple words, Content marketing is a way of doing word-of-mouth publicity in the digital space. …

Here’s what we’re excited about in 2016

2015 has gone by so fast that we can hardly believe it’s been an entire year since we last reflected on this CRAZY journey we’re on. A big shout out to all our clients, family & friends and everyone for their unwavering support. Onwards!

Posted by Bonoboz on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Storytelling is the oldest form of entertainment there is. From campfires and pictograms-the Lascaux cave paintings may be as much as twenty thousand years old- to tribal songs & epic ballads passed down from generation to generation, it is one…

ecommerce checklist
ecommerce checklist

A lot of people call in telling us that they’ve decided to go eCommerce. That they have the right product and they’re just looking to go online and sell stuff.

While it’s heartening to see so many inspired by the vast potential of the internet and e-commerce, I have to admit that some of the optimism is misplaced on erroneous assumptions.

In this post, I am going to shed some light on the things you need to consider so that you have a realistic view of your impending eCommerce foray.

The eCommerce Checklist Most People Tend to Overlook

Business Model

Whatever products or service you are hoping to sell online…

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