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While I do agree with this, I also want to add that it’s not applicable for all cases. Sometimes, we prioritize freedom because we’re afraid to step out of our comfort zone.

For example, I took up a sub-editing job recently. When the offer came up, my first reaction was to retreat because I thought it wasn’t aligned with my plans (I wanted to become a software developer) and because I would be giving up all the freedom I have now.

But I realized, it’s merely an excuse for not having to push myself in a new place with new people. I loved writing and I wanted be around amazing people who did too (I also needed an income source :) ).

So, I decided to take the job and that was one of the best things I’ve done till now.

But I wasn’t happy about it before actually showing up at the office. I thought it might be a wrong step in the wrong direction. But of course, it wasn’t and it opened up a lot of new opportunities.