5 Tips for Applying to Top Universities in England

Study in England

England’s population makes over 80% of the whole United Kingdom and is one of the most exciting places in the world to live and study. You can gain a lot of exposure if you plan your education in England.

1. Education system

England’s education system starts with three years undergraduate Bachelor’s degree which can be followed by a postgraduate qualification such as a Master’s. Some courses may also require work experience. The purpose is to help you introduce you to the real-life scenario and workplace.

2. Selecting a University

England is the home to prestigious universities, along with these universities an array of modern universities are also present. These Universities offer a broad range of study programs. Though most of the Universities have strengths in different study areas, it is important for you to research about a university based on the coursework selected.

3. Applying for a course

In today’s modern world, you need specific skills to be able to succeed in your field. Employers look for candidates with practical, critical, and creative thinking skills.

Universities in England offer the opportunity to help you select a study program that suits your needs and interests. For an application, you need to ensure that your test grades, Letter of Recommendation(LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP) is in order. It will help you gain a competitive advantage over others applying for a course.

4. Planning finance for studying

Studying abroad isn’t easy. You need to manage finances to manage finances easily. You can also try and apply for scholarships offered by universities to support your study. Research about the area where you plan to stay and calculate the expenses accordingly.

5. Visa and Passport

You can apply for a study visitor visa if the program is for up to six months. However, you are not allowed to work during that period and cannot extend your stay.

Apply for a Tier 4 study visa, if you have been accepted to a university.

You need to apply within 3 months before the start of the course and can apply to extend your stay. Visa rules are very crucial, make sure to cross check for each minute detail with immigration department.

Application process, student visa, documentation can be cumbersome tasks. To help you on the journey to study in England , you can contact an Overseas education consultancy to assist you with the application process.