Importance of educating a girl child in Indian Society

Education is an essential part of a living being, whether it is a boy or a girl. Education helps an individual to be smarter, to learn new things and to know about the facts around the world. Especially women education in India is the need of the hour. In terms of inhabitants, India is the second largest nation in the world but the rate of girl education in India is extremely low. Educating the girl child must be a necessity for the overall development of the country as women play an essential part in the all around process of the country. Generally, in rural areas, where people rarely want to send their daughters to school, they think that education is not important for girls as they grow up and eventually get married and settle down. People think that girls should be stay at home mothers to help their family and nothing else. This mentality is completely wrong and since girl education can bring around a massive revolution in the society, as lack of women education weakens the potent part of the society.

There are many NGO’s that are serving for this problem, but the most trustworthy one is CARE India. With the launch of their program Girl’s Education Programme (GEP) that focuses on improving the condition by which girls, especially in rural areas can access quality education. There are several advantages of developing female education in India, since education can play an important role in the development of the country.

Promote gender equality- Gender equality continues to be a prevalent issue in today’s society due to the persistent gap in terms of access to opportunities for women and men. Gender equality is a fundamental human right that every human being is entitled to regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexuality or religion. The role men and women play in the society are totally determined and as a result there is a gender gap.

Improve literacy rate- India’s literacy rate continues to be below the global average. Many NGO’s have helped to make a slight difference in the literacy rate. NGO’s like CARE India has impacted more than 1,36,000 children (52% girls from the marginalized communities) and 9,00,000 children (54% girls) directly and indirectly. When girls are educated they can focus on other things rather than getting married at a young age. They can serve the society in many ways by practicing the profession that they want. This can help to play an important role in the society.

Alter the regressive nature of the society- It is believed that girl education in India is not that important as they grow up to eventually be stay-at-home mothers. Due to the regressive nature of India’s society, the development of girl education has been hampered to a large extent. The majority of India’s population is rural, and the mind-set that the

majority of these people grow up with makes it quite challenging to educate these people about the benefits of girl education.