Know the purposes of doing Homework

Remember during our childhood most of us loved doing homework, and some went metres away from it. But today we are here to know about the importance of homework and to know its value in learning. If we define homework, then IT is “any other work or activity which pupils (anyone who is interested) is asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parents or guardians”. Completing homework needs reading, writting, or any research work, discussion with parent or guardians, learning some spellings/tables or developing mental strategies.

MLSI, one of the best school in India, believes in taking Essel Group’s commitment to education to the next level. The centre in Bandra proves to move ahead by keeping the next logical step towards strengthening the international school system in India. The fact is India needs a lot more focus on the education system and the way it is taught by the teachers, which results in the need to emerge its original limited focus on India’s expatriate community. When one is ready to embark on a new adventure with MLSI, it’s unique and distinctive feature being more of providing practical knowledge than to give heavy notes and lectures by making the subject as boring as History.

It also involves students in, research over some years has shown that homework can make a significant contribution to pupil’s progress at school. There is evidence that students in the highest achieving schools spend more time learning activities at home, that student in other schools. MLSI, International Baccalaureate school, has set up a range of purposes for homework:

· Developing the home-school partnership in pursuing the aims of the school and assisting parents in taking a positive interest in their children’s schoolwork.

· Taking advantage of the resource of home as a source of learning.

· To practice and consolidate skills learned at school, especially in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

· Encouraging self-motivated learning and independence especially for older children as they prepare for secondary school.

· To prepare and plan for work to be done at school.

MLSI recognizes the value of the many activities that their children are involved in after school and at weekends, through family activities or their membership of clubs and organizations. MLSI thus stands out of the box by setting up its ideal on ‘Being different is just being normal’. They work ahead on the same quote and stands in front of the competitors. Thus, MLSI solves the problem to explore from thousands of best schools in India. Just go and check MLSI, top best primary schools in Mumbai.

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