Odd-even: Memories of Marie Libertine

Someone reverse the guillotine,
Return old Marie Libertine
She who said, ‘Go eat cake’
When Paris cried, ‘Set bread to bake’

Truly great was she, that queen
Though less than mighty king Has-Been
Who does all that he can do
To be heard, and to be seen

All the world’s a stage to him
He is Mowgli, and he is Kim
Brutus he is, and Caesar too
In his Shylock’s mind, novel plots brew

He is hero in every play
He stands for all that is good
You know him well, what more can I say?
Lord Almighty, he is Robin Hood

He takes from the rich
And gives to the poor
He’s God’s crusader,
A jihadi Moor
(They lie who call him boor)

Now he’s broken the wheels of evil
Put to end all dagger-and-cloak
Ride the bus, he says to the people
Rid the city of cars and their smoke

Happy he is the rich are stranded
Justice is done even-handed
Crown him with a laurel wreath
For knocking out old tyranny’s teeth

Uh-o, Houston, we have a problem
True it is the rich are stuck
But the poor, alas, Lord help ’em
They too seem out of luck

Old Marie knows this one hundred per cent
The buck stops here when the bus doesn’t
Their hero has left them in the lurch
They’re turning away from his church

Oh no, not again the guillotine
Rush, hurry!
Save Marie, oops, young Has-Been!

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