Weekly Personal Finance Quotes #5

Personal Finance Quotes

The money supplied for wages is income while the money you do not spend is earning. And so contrary to popular belief, spending less means earning more — Thomas Vato
Assets put money in your pocket because you own it and Liabilities take money from your pocket because you owe it — ChintaMoney
The Fund’s past performance (before and after taxes) is not necessarily an indication of how the Fund will perform in the future — Kheoh Yee Wei
Money is a tool, and we can use it to build some amazing things in our lives — Eric Roberge
If you crave money, you’ll always be poor — MR. Molly Maguire
Lack of money helps you decide on what matters and what doesn’t — Tim Denning
When we open up the conversation, we can be more realistic about what we can and can’t do at certain times. Be open to talk about money — Rebecca Pritchard
If you don’t have an emergency fund, you will likely have to borrow money when an emergency pops up. And borrowing is a worse money mistake — Mike Coady

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