This is actually my first time writing a year-in-review. 2019 was an absolute pleasure. It’s the first time I was actually able to enjoy myself the whole year round, as opposed to the entrepreneurial suffering I faced in 2018. A few things defined 2019 for me:


I was quite sedentary in 2018, gained a lot of weight, and started 2019 at 82kg with a whopping 32% body fat. I met some chubby friends at a hackathon and we created the “Weight Loss Crew” group on Whatsapp, where each of us would pose a weight loss goal for 2019. My goal…

Written by Yin Yin Chan & Abhilash Murthy — August 6, 2019

Bus Uncle

Bus Uncle’s evolution

It’s been two years since I launched Bus Uncle. As of today, Bus Uncle has helped more than 200,000 people in his lifetime in getting their bus timings across Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and the Google Assistant.

Thinking back, when I was building Bus Uncle, I intended for him to be a simple task-based chatbot for a small group of friends and myself. I remembered saying that he needed to be fun, so I gave Bus Uncle his personality — a snarky, grumpy, and sarcastic Singlish-speaking uncle.

It surprised…

The cultural melting pot…

Singapore is a small city state; it takes at most an hour’s drive to get from one end to the other. Even so, the country is filled to the brim with diversity in race, culture, and identity. You would hear voices and see people from around the world on this little island.

Ember.js is a frontend web framework which claims on its website, to be the one tool you will need to build an ambitious web application. When I was at TradeGecko, we had been using Ember since its early days, and were proud to have a CTO who paved his way into becoming a main contributor of Ember Data.

Each of us harboured a love-hate relationship with Ember because of how sophisticated *cough* (complicated) *cough* it really is, so this article aims to simplify and visualise the terminologies used in Ember for anyone out there still learning how it works. …

You are the creator of a product, and when your product has a lot of users, you will have to concede the ownership of your product. You won’t own it anymore. Instead, your users will own your product. It helps them a lot more than it helps you. The decisions you make on the development of your product will no more be your own. You will have to be data driven.

In this article, I will be sharing my view on what it means to be data driven.

To be data driven means to be taking a utilitarian standpoint on…

As one of modern Singapore’s pioneer bots, he has mastered uncle humour and tells you jokes when you are bored waiting for you bus to arrive. People call him crazy, rude, and obnoxious, but that’s just him being frank with you. Don’t be offended by him, he means no harm and only wants to help. He has slapped smiles on the faces of tens of thousands of commuters. He is Singapore’s favourite travel companion.

Bus Uncle is a Facebook Messenger bot.

He has been featured in Tech In Asia, TODAY Newspaper, and GovTech.

As of February 16 2017, he has…

Abhilash Murthy

Founder @ Bus Uncle

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