Don’t read this article for its apparent form but read it to find the deep meaning inherent.

Have you ever wondered what is it that keeps us going? Are you ever curious to know what wakes you up in the morning or what make you do things you never wanted to do? Do you ever wanted to know the reason behind all the efforts you put in your life though you never want to? Just ask yourselves what is this great source of motivation, the mighty force, the so called ‘mighty force’ that made you study what you never wanted to, that made you do the job that never intrigued you, that made you buy the apartment which is not your dream home or many such things that are making you live a life that you never meant to own.

Well if you are giving a real thought to the above lines I believe there will be a few answers flowing in your mind like maybe family, money or some particular reason or any such sort offs but you need to understand that these words are merely a blanket and there is a great force behind it that we always fail to spot. The real hero or the real culprit as you want to acknowledge it has successfully maintained its shade. It was not your family that made you study that dumb course, it was not your ‘need of money’ that made you do that job but it was something bigger than your family, your need of money or whatever you may call it. It is one of the basic reasons of the maximum negative that comes your way

Well I have an answer for you, an answer that may not sound precise and believe me I would consider it job done if the answer is not true for you. I would be glad if you would say ‘Nope, not my case’ after reading what I have to say. Well the answer is FEAR, Yes! It is the supreme force that you have experienced; it is the drive behind most of your actions. It may sound dumb to you but yes it is the case with most of us, whatever we do, wherever we head the driver is always fear.

Now the question is how this fear arises??


Please read that line again and again till you get its very meaning. There is nothing as ‘FEAR’ itself other than the fact that when we start thinking in future about the outcomes of the things and when we expect unfavorable outcomes we develop a fear. Fear only arises in the cases where we are just considerate about the outcome and not the deed itself, in reality you have no relation to the act you are doing… you just want to win, grab that mark that you have won and then just move away. For example the course you are doing just for the sake of the degree and finding a work thereafter or the job you are doing like a machine for the want of salary each month. The focus here is DEGREE & SALARY and not the COURSE or the JOB.

“Fear arises from the lack, from the need and from the desire, then it becomes a habit but later on it becomes the very soul.”

Every action that we take has a question behind it, ‘What will happen if I don’t do this’, ‘What if I fail’ and a lot of ‘What if’s’, this applies on almost everything be it your job, or the course you study or other numerous actions and once you try to answer these questions you just face more and more fear. In actuality these questions are not meant to be answered but they are just meant to make you do it, whatever it may be, you just do it or else you are shot with ‘Just think what will happen if you fail’ or ‘Oh boy, imagine what will happen if you don’t do this’ and you just do it no matter if you want to or not.

Most of your actions have a reason behind them, you have a definite plan of action for doing them, you have a deadline to complete them, you do have a reward associated with them but what your actions lack is the soul, the soul filled with love, the soul inspired through passion and a soul desirous of serenity.

What I want here for you is to distinguish that are you fuelled by FEAR or is it LOVE that pumps through your flesh. The point of article is not to shred away the fear because it won’t be necessary; as if once you realize the existence of enemy it’s not hard to remove it.

Now we need to answer how do we go from ‘FEAR to LOVE’??

As said by many great men that ‘darkness is nothing but just the absence of light’, darkness can find existence only where there is no light… even the tiny flicker of light is enough to trounce the power of dark. Likewise fear is just the absence of love, it is as straightforward as that if you don’t love particular thing and still you are doing it then you are doing it because of fear. What you need here is a small candle of love and when you will move around with it in your room of soul slowly all the blown away lamps will start to ignite and you will experience a light of love like never before.
 Please connect what I am going to further tell with the above lines.

Most of the times you cannot at once stop doing what you don’t love but what you can do is to include the things you love in your life. You need not do anything specific but you just have to to change the things you live for. You have to to find what you are passionate about, what you love and what is it that gives you peace and then you just need to give it sufficient time… not whole day but just few minutes would be fine because these minutes will act like the candle of love and light up all that was blown by fear. Do you find yourself ever in a position where you do things just for yourself, you just do not want anything more than the joy of doing that particular thing and if you do it… I can bet that it is the time when you are flying or at least not hot and bothered about where you are hit. I just want you to live for this time, you need not live for the job or course you don’t like but in this way you can still outclass all others who are in it with you.

Moving towards the end I would like to tell you the greatest fact I have discovered so far and it is deep “For finding love you need to be LOVE CONSCIOUS” 
and once you are love conscious it would be easy to find love because you are that holy finder who just have worth for love, who can just see passion and who can just digest peace and nothing else. If I want to find the treasure it could be a lot of things but if I want to find the diamond I will find the diamond and hence the point is you do not need to find any kind of motivation but you need to find the love.

Love can arise from anywhere for anything and anybody so if you are tensed that you are doing the thing that you are not passionate about, don’t be sad because there is a high chance you develop a passion in the time to come and if you have to do it anyway then why not have love by your side in place of fear as 

“Don’t ask for love, just be the lover; Don’t beg for success, just be passionate; don’t cry for serenity, just be the monk.
Fear is what makes you ordinary; love always gives birth to the Greats. Let satisfaction be your guide and success will just happen. Smaller things may be accomplished by fear but the wonders are always built on the bricks of passion.”

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