UNIVERSAL SOLUTION One solution to all your problems….possible….??

This peice of writing is concerned with your life related problems and not your physical problems or medical disease.

I believe that life is nothing more than a web of problems where each thread is properly weaved to give you all the discomfort possible. Everyday we do nothing but just try to solve those problems. The way i see this life…. there is nothing in it, except the problems. Everyhthing, every work, every event is just a problem if seen closely. You may be a kid, an employee, a husband, a wife, businessman, or any other person personally or professionaly but what remains constant are the problems. To me problem is like the medium in which we live. Some of them might pose good deal of difficulty to you and you consider only those to be the problems, while others that you are used to do may not be considered as problems because you have solved them earlier in your life.

May be you are thinking that i am being a little pessimist but my aim here is to be realistic. Personally i had always felt that i am that one person in the world with the most difficult life, may be many of you might have thought that. But at the same time i have always believed that problems are the reason that i am living, these are the sole force that keeps me up. Most of the finest things in this world are not done voluntarily but as a solution to the difficult-est problems around us. I believe that life is like a quest of problems, solve them be better and move forward. Human mind only does hard work when it is challenged but these problems at the same time are the cause of tension and stress.

What would happen that we have solution of all the problems in our hand…? What would happen if we have a magical wand and it simply makes all our problems fly in just one go….? What if we are never to face a problem in our life again….? What if that even in the most difficult situation we have the solution…?

I have always thought of something to to solve all my problems. Firstly, you have to understand all the problems start in our brains and they all even end up there only. There are no extra physchological problems.

To solve our problems we need to understand what is actually a problem..? But before that i would be asking for two things, first that you have to leave your ego and second you have to be fearless, and only then my solution could help you, if you can’t do this then stop reading.

so what is problem….?

Problems are the difficult situations in our life or the things that are difficult to accomplish. Like a timelined presentation, to improve interpersonal communication, for a housewife to manage the budget, for a student to prepare for upcomin exam and many more.

Now what are the difficult things….?

Difficult things are the ones which we are not used to do. Like we have never completed a presentation in the given time, or we have interpersonal problems or many others.

Why are we not used to do things….?

We are not used to do things because either we never required to do them before or they are out of our comfort zone.


So basically our solution is limited to the things we were never required to do or the things that are out of our comfort zone. If you remember i asked for two things

  1. To leave your ego
  2. To be fearless

Now if you will leave your ego you wouldn’t be hesitant to do the things which are out of your comfort zone because ego is just a developed form of fear of failure. Comfort zone is simply those situations which you have dealt before….successfully.

And if you would be fearless there wouldn’t be any difficulty in the things you have never done them before because there was no neccesity to do them.

So, in this way i believe by bringing two changes in your attitude and character could help you solve many problems ,i am not saying this is gonna solve all your problems but try it once it does work…..

If you think of problem as problems you would cry, if you would think of them as a challenge you will try, but if you take them as oppurtunity you will fly.
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