Why education ?

So it was my first day at school and i was so nervous that what is going to happen and also how life is going to be if i am not going to see my parents for so many hours, But as mom’s are, my mom placed her hand on my head and said that ‘Son you can do it, now stop crying’ after the finishing of the statement i stopped crying as i trusted my mom, I went straight into the school still scared that why i am here and why not at home.

The reason that why not home and why School.

The entire day of school i kept thinking why school why school, when the school was over my mom came to pick me up and i asked my mom, why i have to be in school and not at home mom. Why we have to study or be in class room and learn A B C D. My mom told me that you become educated and one day make a living out of that education. I was like i am living right now, so why i have to be educated to make a living. That day my mom told me that if you are not educated then you cannot make your life meaningful for yourself after few hours, i was still confused regarding why i have to make a meaning of my life and get educated. Then i went to my dad for it and my dad said that ‘ Son education is important so that you can stand in the world and make a living’.

I made my goal that day, that i have to study because i have to make a living and make meaning of my life.( Still not knowing why )

As the school years passed down, enjoying with friend making good bonds and understanding how the world works and gaining the knowledge that our elders left for us, so that we can make something of our life and doesn’t go as a blank page in the world.

But Later when the school years were about to get over, education meaning changed into getting good marks and performing well from others, so that you can become odd one out. ( But how do we become odd one out when every kid in my class is doing the same thing that i am doing ).

We are told education is a way to enlightenment the human brain, so that it can be innovative and make something new. Then why we have to compete with other kids in the class getting good marks, so that we can get into a good college and then later on get a good job.

If we are getting educated and so that we can go to college, then do a good job that pays for our expenses, then how are we different from a robot that is given some set of instruction and then have to perform in the same way as we have placed the settings.

For me education means : ( made my own meaning )

Education is knowing what has happened in the world and how you can change the world from knowing your past.

Education is developed so that we as human race can make the future, its not developed so that we become a robot that is in the system and has to stay in the system, eventually die in the system.

So from being a child to a adult my meaning of education hasn’t changed.

Thanks for hearing out my view. It would be great if i could know your view of why education for you ?