Travel is life

If you ask just about anyone what they’d like to do more of, travel is bound to be one of the most common answers. For those of us who don’t travel a ton, we want to see new and exciting destinations — and we want to do it more frequently. For those of us who travel a lot (especially for work), we want to find ways to make the experience as efficient and authentic as possible.

There are close to 200 tagged in the “Travel” category. Here are 4 of the best, built to help you make the most of your upcoming trips, whether for business or pleasure (or both).

Google Trips

Now Google is also getting in travel business as they already have a-lot of user database they are going to use this travel data to help people to travel to a new place for a better and a amazing experience. So download the google app and join the amazing experience of traveling to a new city.


It offers Cheap discount to any destination in india. People in india mostly use Makemytrip to book their tickets online. As you will get low price tickets but you it also gives you a good experience of booking a ticket with a very easy interface to interact with.


Now we all know that travellers don’t want to ride in cabs or in tubes, they like to explore things by themselves, thats where Zoomcars comes in handy for indian travellers, Zoomcar helps people to rent a car in-order to make the travel experience much better and amazing.


Now in the end travellers need to stay at a hotel or a resort, thats where Oyo-rooms comes in handy they provide rooms at a very low price rate and also provide you a good experience in a hotel by providing you wi-fi, breakfast and also Oyo-rooms kit (which contains morning things).

With the 4 apps above, you can plan for just about anything that comes your way during or after a stint of travel.

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