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Fig. Fractal Tree

Before we get into creating a fractal tree, let us understand, how it works.

So a fractal tree works on the principle of Recursion. Basically, recursion is a programming technique that revolves around a function calling itself in iterative steps.

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So, how do we do recursion exactly? and why is it being used here?

To do recursion in a function, we must follow 2 simple rules:
1. …


The basic idea is to introduce you to the building blocks of all python code you will write in the future.

Now, what are lists exactly?

List are basically variables that can store multiple values in them at once. The second question becomes. What good does that do?

Instead of working with multiple variables, we use lists to achieve the same thing. This is usually the case with related variables.

It becomes a lot clearer with examples.

First, how to create a blank list:

#or var = list()

list() is a keyword function. …


Let's get started.

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So regression analysis is a machine learning predictive modeling technique that determines the relationship between dependent and independent variable.

What does that mean tho?

Let us have a situation, say you are the CEO of a multinational company, you have some past data on how much sales and advertisement has been done throughout the years.

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An example dataset. Credits: Displayr

Now the question is: You need to figure out how much money you should spend on advertising so that you get maximum sales.

Now here are some fine points: You cannot just dump a lot of money in your advertising budget, you just need to hit that sweet spot where per dollar sales is fetching the maximum amount of sales. …

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