What We Celebrate Is What We Value

What we choose to celebrate is important. It is almost as important as what we choose not to honour, what he choose to demean, dishonour, and belittle. Actions speak loud, and inaction speaks louder.

These are photos of the place where Tippu Sultan, ruler of the kingdom of Mysore, died in battle against the British in 1799.

The place is marked by a neatly marked area with a plaque, an impressive facade, and a well-maintained lawn.

This monument is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Archaeological Survey of India monument marking the spot where Tippu Sultan’s body was found after the battle with the British in 1799.

Below are photos of a place a proverbial stone’s throw away from the above monument. These are photos of the place where Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar Bahadur III, the twenty-second maharaja of the kingdom of Mysore, was born on July 9th, 1794.

The gate is rusted and locked. The building that you see from beyond the gate is locked and rundown.

The entrance is next to a public urinal, and behind a makeshift parking lot for vehicles, where you have to walk past horses waiting for their owners to bring riders and where the ground is littered with litter, dung, and urine.

It is not clear who maintains this monument.

Choices made are made for a reason. The message this neglect sends speaks more than volumes ever could. The message a visitor takes away are subliminal. They last a lifetime.