Self directed anger is good

After being angry so many times with lot of people, with so many places I’ve decided to introspect angrily once and for good. To ask a question to myself if the anger is necessary at all. If it is necessary what is it necessary for?

Anything which is a habit or an emotion or a relationship can be dropped off at once in life when it doesn’t help us to evolve. Here the evolution is not in Darwinian view but evolution which makes one a better person.

What is better for me, might not be better for someone else but here better means better for greater good of humanity. Life in general. At least our own life.

According to my experience when I take it too easy or If I’m too peaceful with myself I see that i gradually become self-complacent. Where I don’t work upon myself. In this constant evolution.

Though we agree or disagree, we are pushed in this process of evolution. Since only permanent thing in this world is change. Where this change is mere evolution, where my tiny self is not excluded.

When I don’t actively participate and pull myself up in my own evolution I will be pushed to evolve. As the basic law of physics say its better to be pulled rather than pushed because there is less friction in the process.

When the anger is directed towards negative tendencies inside, A problem which is inside ourselves can be addressed. When you are angry about your own intolerance, the capacity to tolerate grows. So this self directed anger is in a way essential for the human evolution.

So yes anger is necessary. Where this anger should be directed to myself, for my own evolution rather than outside on the people around me. Which I believe mostly to the dearest ones. Where I just land up hurting bunch of hearts. A useless anger one can call it.

Self directed anger is good.