The three mental activities

1. Dreaming

There are two kinds of dreaming.

Dreams which occur in sleep.

I personally believe no one has ever cracked why they exist. Why do we dream.

So we can have our own interpretation for our dreams or have Sigmund Freud interpret for us and still land up without any conclusions.

They don’t make sense( sometimes they do, but actually they don’t because it is just sometimes ).


I believe its just sheer pleasure to satisfy the ego we indulge in this activity.

We day-dream that we’ve achieved something or how would it feel to achieve rather than working on the dream itself through action.

Its one of the worst habits a man can have. You are zoned out in your own imagination and it takes you no where. Its such a waste of time.

2. Thinking

“Thinking is difficult that’s why people judge” — Carl Jung

We judge people, judge places, judge whatever comes in our way.

Constant thinking is constant action. Where you are firing millions of your neurons. Which is nothing but action.

The more we think, the more we resonate with what we think. The more we become what we think about.

Thoughts should strengthen what we believe in. If it weakens what we believe in, its better to avoid those thoughts.

If you believe in love. Thinking about love should help you to love more.

If you think about judging people you just become a person who judges people and nothing more. Where we completely become blind about four fingers pointing at us when we point someone.

You can be good outside but how good are you inside with your thinking is what matters the most.

Thinking gradually develops into an attitude. An attitude with which we approach everything in life.

3. Imagining

Creativity = Think/Imagine + Act

Imagination can actually help creative people. If they couple it with some action.

You imagine but don’t act it just becomes similar to a day dreaming activity.

The worst which can happen with imagination is hallucination. Where you create your own ‘theme park’. Swing in your own giant wheel.

for example: When your friend actually thinks good about you. You think that he thinks bad about you.

With a pessimistic attitude ( which must have only stemmed out of constant negative thought process). You are actually hallucinating. Which is just detri‘mental’.

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