Making an OTP Lock with Go and React Native
Making an OTP Lock with Go and React Native
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A simple hobby project that makes use of Go, to create the locker part and React Native to generate the OTP to unlock. It’s an offline project.

The Idea and Backstory

So my wanted to prevent my two nephews to not be able to access games at their leisure, rather something where they can only access it as and when they’re allowed to do so.

So I came up with an idea to implement a fairly simple application that can work as a time based OTP lock. It was designed in two pieces:

This is a quick guide to get started with automation testing of React Native apps using Appium (for now only Android is covered).

After spending a lot of time looking at several Medium stories, StackOverflow posts, one of personal blog, and even the official documentation, I realized that they were either dated (as of May, 2019) or not comprehensive enough. So, I decided to write simple and brief quick-setup guide that could help someone in my situation to get React-Native + Appium setup, up and running.

For now I’ll only cover setting this up for Android but I’ll revise this…

Abhinav Dabral

Software developer, currently aboard the ReactJS and React Native bandwagon, who likes to spend his weekends on personal projects 📟 or road-trips 🛵

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