The funny drifter.

I’ll tell you what I am. I am a drifter

I talk white. Only in white. I love talking in white. It makes everyone like me.

I think blue. Blue is my favorite colour. And my favorite emotion. It pulls me. And pushes everyone else.

I accept yellow. Well hello, who doesn’t. Everyone wants and needs this. Chris Martin does too. Yellow is everything and nothing. It is regret and want. It is desire and sanity.

I project purple. It’s funny you know, how you need to be entertaining. How the world accepts news when you’re purple. How you survive when you’re stupidly fun. How you live when you are happy. It’s how a human becomes an object.

I feel red. Love and lust. Two sides or the same?

I live black. Assimilation. Absorption. Of people. Of every colour. Of myself.

I am a drifter. I move with these colours. Through people. With hope, which doesn’t have a colour. It lives.

A funny drifter indeed.