It’s time. The 3rd election for the province of Indus. The past three years have been peaceful. Very peaceful. After 300 years of constant fighting the world finally got tired. Its the year 16 and the world is finally at peace.

My name is Duncan farsight. I am a son of war. Raised and built to fight. One of the 8000 survivors from the 9th World war. It was taught to us in history about how it started. You see, democracy was a flawed concept for our ancestors. They never understood it completely. They used it as a mask. And that's where it started. Anyway, things have changed. We understand democracy now. 8 people came together to stop this war. They kept blabbering about being from a youth run cult and they know how to stop it. And they did. They sit at the High council now.

Technology is lost. Governments exist, but in a different way, we are back to primitive times. But we live.

Welcome to Indus, the DEMOCRATIC MONARCHY. The logic is simple. We know one thing and that is how to fight. We do that. And keep peace.

And that's why I am here. To watch the third democratic elections for the province of INDUS. When you turn 21 you are allowed to fight for the Dukedom of your state. I did that. And now I am a duke for the state of Mumra. There are 25 other dukes sitting along with me. Some excited, some bored, some wondering why they are here. I see Atkins sitting on the far right observing the crowd. He has this habit, being cautious of everything. But he’s my best bud and my confidante. And one of the best swordsmen in the world. The only person who’s SHIKAI is a double sword.

The Best part of this election is that its happening at the same place where I was initiated. The state of HYDERABAD. Beautiful ruins. There used to be this awesome tower apparently and some dish made of rice and meat. I cant even imagine. Thank god for evolution. We just survive on water. And its delicious.

The opening ceremony is starting. Right on the arena I can see the state senate. 14 individuals who rose through power with the power of their soul. Each one a ferocious fighter and an excellent people’s person. I want to be there one day. One day.

And then enters the Emperor. Clyde Sirius. The most enigmatic, creative and powerful person I have met. Sparred with him twice. He can defeat you without moving. But that's not the best quality. He’s imaginative. He can think of scenarios no one else can. The changes he bought this year were exactly what we needed. Now someone else is going to take his mantle. That’s how democracy works. Every year a new emperor is chosen. The same happens with the dukes and every level of hierarchy. This negates the very idea of corruption. It basically works.

And now its finally time for the candidates to enter. 4 individuals who are going to fight today to become emperor. I know all the 4 of them. I don't know their soul release, and I cant wait to see it today.

You must be wondering what a soul release it. Humans have evolved. Not just physically, but mentally too. We have the capacity to use our brains to 60% of its limit. And that gives us some perks. And the most ultimate offering is known as a SOUL RELEASE. It is the physical manifestation of our soul. After intense training we can release our souls into a material form. Mostly a weapon with an attribute. You chant your souls true name and it use it to fight. Your intent , your wishes, your dreams. All naked. Right there for people to watch. You fight a pure fight. And if you die, you die a true death. We call the physical manifestation a KATANA. My Katanas name is Kamishine(Gods death)

Its almost afternoon and time for the first fight. Laura chimes and Patricia seakeeper. Both veterans. Laura is actually not from here. But shes known to have a ferocious soul. And she is an excellent swordsman. She’s known to have the stamina of a 100 men and grace of the English.

And there is no information whatsoever on Patricia’s soul release.I can’t wait for this to begin.

The proctor calls both of them to the arena. Explains the only rule, that there are no rules. You fight till one dies or you give up. Another measure to maintain the ratio of resources to people.

Both of them take their stance. And it starts. continuous clinking of their primary swords. You can see the finesse and precision on every swing even from this distance. They are skilled. Laura is putting all the offensive on Patricia. But her defensive stance is impressive. I think it even better than mine. And I don't like that.

After some time of continuous sparring I think they realize that it has to stop. And they have to finally do it. They drop their primary swords and they take their release positions.

Laura starts first. “ Through the fists of men and the pain of endurance, jump, Taibōand there emerges a huge sword without a hilt. Its as if the sword was beaten until it got this shape. It was raw. Raw power. I have heard about the swords ability. Anything that touches it doubles in weight. Imagine winning a fight against that. Laura starts running towards Patricia with the sword. And Patricia is not moving. That is practically suicide. You cant let that Katana touch you.

Then I see it. A soul release is a persons character. When you see it you know what a person is. And I happened to see the most beautiful release in my entire life. “Scatter and shine, Yūki”, she whispers. And there’s this blinding light for moment. Her sword breaks into thousands of pieces in the color of bright pink, like leaves shedding in an autumn’s fall. It flies towards Laura, and then its over.

Laura is down. With cuts all over her body. Its over. I know Laura can still get up. But she’s not for some reason. Patricia won. Without moving. She won.

I wondered what Yūki meant.

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