My understanding of KICKSTARTER

Coming from India, I had no idea of what a Kickstarter project is. I had heard vaguely about it when people mentioned it during some design conversations, but I had always thought of it more like a verb than a noun. (Kickstarting a project) Which meant that its founders very aptly named it. And my expectations out of my Entrepreneurial Design class was also unknown. I had an idea that we need to raise a thousand dollars in this class but had no idea how. Through this course at School of Visual Arts, I got the opportunity to understand what it means to start a Kickstarter project. And it was not easy by any means to reach out to so many people and convince them of your idea. Moreover, I was fascinated to explore the Kickstarter platform and see the wide variety of things that people had to share. I always thought that you need very tangible items to sell and make money and that people would only be interested if it benefited them directly. I was proved wrong when I got to see the diverse variety of projects that people funded on this platform. This was more like a place which nurtures exciting ideas that may or may not directly benefit the backers. Some people may back you to encourage you to keep working in a positive direction. That was a surprising delight for me. This makes Kickstarter a great place to showcase your new ideas to the world and connect with like-minded people.

My Kickstarter topic and its relevance

My Kickstarter campaign

Hurdles and Successes

My learnings from this project

What’s next?

Interaction Design student@ SVA, New York

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