Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a budding field in science and engineering. It has shown great development in the field of computer science and is being applied across industries. Artificial Intelligence can be formally defined as the simulation of intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition, video game bots and machine vision.

The seminal Turing Test conducted in the 1950s laid out the subfields within AI. The test essentially entailed human-computer interactions whereby a computer is said to pass the test if the human interrogator…

Sebastian Thrun Ted Talk (Source)

While casually browsing the internet, I came across this TED talk by Sebastian Thrun who talked about his experience of losing his best friend to a car accident which led him to dedicate his life to developing self driving cars. As I reflected on his story, I related to him as I lost my grandfather to a car accident. Thinking about my grandfather fueled my enthusiasm to explore the technology of self driving cars and how “safer” technology could have possibly saved him. Exploring into self driving cars I realized that ethics in self driving cars is a big concern…

Last couple of days(I had written this article long back, however got very delayed in posting it) has marked the biggest event for an Android developer. It was the start of Google IO!

What is Google io?

Google IO is Google’s huge developer conference which is held every year. They let developers know what they are thinking for the next year and how they are evolving their platform. For geeks like me, we just watch it for new announcements and exciting products from Google.

Top Announcements from Google IO

Google Assistant

Google is transforming the way we search. The traditional way of search has been that…


The play station portable one of the great products from sony. It was released in Japan in December, 2004. Ooof! We have come a long way down! This was yet again an exploration project done by me. I wanted to dig deep and find out what kind of technology and engineering existed a decade ago and since this was something portable it might be interesting.

Beginning from the back

The back part is where the UMDs are placed which are the games. I removed the back plate which supports the UMD slot. There were 8 screws to be removed. …


One of the important things of a mobile experience is the User Interface/ Software.Even if you have the best of hardware but the software is bad the whole experience is bad. Mobile manufacturers take different approaches in terms of UI. Let’s dig deeper in the mobile world and find out.

The Samsung Approach


Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the next big evolution for technology is artificial intelligence.

“Looking to the future, the next big step will be for the very concept of the ‘device’ to fade away,” Pichai wrote this in the Google’s annual founders’ letter to shareholders.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligent behavior of software/computers. Some common examples are when we ask Google Now questions or even Cortana. These are search assistants.

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One of the interesting things about choosing a phone is the performance . Many consumers assume that more cores would deliver better performance. But is this the truth or is it one of those terrible myths. Lets find out by diving into the tech world!

What is a CPU Core?

A CPU core is basically like a human brain. It performs tasks like opening apps and executes various underneath the hood operations. A core is the processing unit. We can think of a dual core(2 cores) processor having two brains.

Underneath an 8-Core CPU

When we talk about octa core CPUs in the case of PCs, all the 8…

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This was an exploratory research project. The project’s aim was to dig deep into a decade old laptop and find how laptops have evolved, hardware evolution, relevance of design, what principles of assembly remain the same.

First of all the picture of the device was not like the one on the left but like this:


It’s on Phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs and even in Cars. Android is just everywhere. Google and Android have truly shown us what an OS is capable of. It is not just an OS but a whole ecosystem.

Android has the power and mobility to be everywhere. Google has made the vision of Android very clear that they want to implement and dominate in and around every platform. Google may not have been able to do it in every platform but we know for a fact that Android is definitely dominating in every field. …

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Web Developer, AI Enthusiast, Student @ UMass Amherst

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