The Future of Computing-ANDROID


It’s on Phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs and even in Cars. Android is just everywhere. Google and Android have truly shown us what an OS is capable of. It is not just an OS but a whole ecosystem.

Android has the power and mobility to be everywhere. Google has made the vision of Android very clear that they want to implement and dominate in and around every platform. Google may not have been able to do it in every platform but we know for a fact that Android is definitely dominating in every field. Let us dive into the future and take a glimpse of what Andy Rubin once started could might as well be the biggest creation of the 21st Century.


Android has been the most popular Mobile OS and continues to be so. We see many flavors of android with many manufacturers trying to give a different UI experience like TouchWiz by Samsung, HTC Sense UI, MIUI by Xioami or even Oxygen OS by OnePlus. Android has enabled a lot of creativity and for us to see what a simple piece of software back in 2005 can go in so many directions. Phone Makers take different approaches, some look for simplicity, some pure performance, few absolute customization capability and some just keep it mostly stock with some modifications.

Of course Android is far from perfect. We have problems like security bugs, performance issues when phone makers put skins on Pure Android, software updates implementation and Android Fragmentation. These are being issued in Android N and these problems will die down over time.


Since the last year we have witnessed a crazy amount of growth in the Tablet-PC market though the Tablet and PC markets have become stagnant. Jide with it’s Remix OS has done something absolutely mind boggling. Remix OS is a concept which involves Android redesigned and re-engineered for PC’s and Tablets. It focuses on productivity and using the android app ecosystem. This OS could truly not only revolutionize the Tablet-PC market but also the PC/Laptop ecosystem. Jide has already made a few products like the Remix Mini. Other alternatives such as Phoenix OS have also arrived which rival Remix OS.


Android is slowly showing its bright colors in this field as well. The growth may not be noticeable but if we dig deeper we would find some heavy amount of success. Through Android TV, companies like OUYA have taken it to a whole new level. OUYA has made gaming possible at $99 with Android and they have some pretty good offerings. Even Razer Forge TV is powered by Android TV and so is Nvidia Sheild a 4K streaming device which focuses on gaming.


Android is slowly expanding in the Automobile market. There are many companies that are looking to implement Android Auto in 2016. The major use case is navigation but we all should look forward to how Google looks to expand this.

Google maybe the owner of Android but it isn’t the sole innovator. The collaborative approach and the versatility of Android has taken it forward.

Android: You may hate it, love it or want it, one thing we all cannot deny is that Android has truly revolutionized computing. The future looks good!