Underneath the hood #10YearOldPC

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This was an exploratory research project. The project’s aim was to dig deep into a decade old laptop and find how laptops have evolved, hardware evolution, relevance of design, what principles of assembly remain the same.

First of all the picture of the device was not like the one on the left but like this:

Specs On Paper

Its rocking(not really) a Intel Celeron Processor, 256 MB RAM, about 20Gigs of hard drive space, Windows XP, its weight is a hefty 3 Kilograms, 4500 Mah battery, DVD and floppy drives.

Experience On This Device

Well jumping onto this device I was not expecting anything at all. But I was pleasantly surprised. I was struck by the fact that it actually switched on and loaded the OS. Opening apps like Internet explorer take a lot of time but at least they work. The keyboard is decent. Display is manageable. One would be surprised that one can actually use this PC. The weight of this laptop makes it more like a desktop replacement.

Underneath The Hood Design

I felt the opening of this laptop was actually harder than modern laptops. I had to remove about 50 screws to get to the components. I felt that the design of this laptop was not really integrated. Modern laptops have almost all the ports on the same motherboard. But this 10 year old laptop had many ports on different circuits and these circuits were connected to the motherboard. The battery was massive in size though the capacity was good. There was no hard drive standard like SATA so the hard drive has its own custom pins. There was an additional RAM slot to increase RAM capacity which was interesting. The design surprisingly was not all that different though almost every component was bigger than modern day laptops. But the way the internals were crafted and designed didn’t feel a mile apart.


As I mentioned before that I had to remove 50 screws to get to the components. The assembly was quite complex and it was hard o figure out how to open the laptop unlike the modern day laptops which have hardly any screws to remove before you realize you are seeing the processor and the motherboard.

Looking Back….

Doing this project made me realize how far down the road we have come. From having the thickness of laptops in centimeters to millimeters. A complete change in the unit of measurement! We may study evolution in Biology but this project helped me understand evolution in a whole new world.


The project tells us a lot has changed but also a lot has remained the same just like human evolution. The unused parts of the body die over time. This also shows how Biology and Computers are linked and there are many things/concepts that we can adopt from Biology to something truly “Next Gen”.It has been a good experience with this project based on exploration and hoping to do more and more projects like these.

I would like to convey my heart felt thanks to Ajit Mishra and my grandparents for giving me this device and making this project possible.

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