A Boy In White Shirt

After weeks of dead work, I was tired of the same routine; home and office back and forth and the week off spent in-house doing nothing interesting. I realized, boredom was the part of me by then and this shocked me for a minute. I get ready to do something adventurous but no idea was hitting to me and sound “how boring” fell into my ears. I change my clothes and decided to explore Delhi alone. It been 2 years I came to Delhi, but actually, I hadn’t seen much of it. So here, I was ready for an unexplored journey of myself, they say traveling is the best way to explore oneself.

I was waiting for the bus without any specific destination in mind. Two buses pass by and I was wondering in the universe of my mind. My dream broke with a sharp horn of a vehicle, the third bus stopped and ticket checker entered the bus and came down with a young boy. His back was toward me, black sports shoes, black trouser, white shirt, long curly hairs and a bag on his back written “Magic” on it. I thought about the brand but didn’t remember any. Ticket checker asked for Rs.200 fine, he resisted but his resistance wasn’t that strong. I get closer to hear the conversation, when he put his hand in his back pocket, took the purse out, and after some seconds put it back to its place. He asked for the receipt of fine. Ticket checker looked at him for few seconds and then started writing. He took it from him and when he was putting his hand into his pocket, there were Rs.100 notes instead of the receipt, I tried to look for fallen paper but didn’t saw any.

He was crossing the road, when I heard “dhang se gin 1000 hone chahiye, 800 kaise ho skte hai” [count again, it has to be Rs.1000, how it can be Rs.800”], ticket checker talking to each other. He has crossed the road by the time I turned my focus on him; I hurriedly crossed the road to follow him. He brought fruits from a street seller and went inside the temple. He prayed and gives some fruits inside the temple and some fruits to the people sitting outside of the temple. He then opened his bag, take a big piece of cloth and put it over an old aged man sleeping without a shirt on the road and put some apples close him.

He was standing on the main road, I tried to go ahead of him to see his face when suddenly a fast car pass me by few inches, I was in dead shock for few seconds, I look a long breath, thanked God and looked for him. I turn my eyes around, and saw at a distance, he was on knees, talking to an old man who was a bent and was without a shirt. I approached them fast when he started moving with him. The old man was a bit bent toward left as his left leg was short then right and slowly walking and clearing tears. I followed them to a food corner. He packed the food in few plastic carrying bags and handed one to that man. He went with him under a flyover where two girls were playing, a boy was sleeping on the ground and an old lady came out from a tent when he called her. He handed food to them, ran to the nearest grocery shop, take few water bottles and hurried toward them.

A desire to talk to him grew more in my heart, as few questions were eating me, as of why he didn’t give money to him, or after buying food why he walk with him to his home.

I was looking for him, he handed them the water bottles and sit down there with them. The old woman came out with an aluminum vessel and all sat in a circle. It shocked me when I saw him eating with them. Two passing by beggar stopped near them. The old man stand and all shifted a bit and invited them to enjoy the meal.

He must have bought calculated food so that none get wasted, but when they themselves are hungry or have limited food how can they afford two more mid age beggar? The question hit me when I was standing on the corner of the road under the shadow of a shop entrance and been already asked to move from the shadow of three other shops. The curiosity was furious inside me and I wanted to talk to the boy in the white shirt.

After half hour, he stood, take some cloth from bag gave it to them and some money and moved from there. I stand to follow him but some traffic blocked my way, I saw him crossing the street, as a bus pass by I saw him standing on another side, alone under a tree. His face was toward me but was not clear from that distance. As my way unblocked, I hurried toward him. I was standing on the divider and looked on the other side for approaching vehicle. I turned my face toward him and he was looking in the opposite direction and his magic bag was facing me. I crossed the road and took a deep breath, after such a long time I have got an opportunity to talk to this boy in white shirt I have followed. I went close to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “excuse me.” He slowly turned toward me, in a hot noon time, a cold breeze passed me, and I was stunned to see that his face was similar to me, before I could speak anything he simply smiled and in seconds that boy in white shirt vanished, leaving me with unanswered question and a bag written MAGIC in front.