One Thing I Learned This Dussheera

A candle of joy lighted in my heart this Dussheera, a sweet happiness making you smile for no reason and then I realized the reason of the candle of joy.

For the first time in 27 years of my life, I fasted complete Navratras. On Dussheera, we celebrate the victory of Good over Evil. This Dussheera, I realize why we celebrate Dussheera just after Navratras.

They say on this day Lord Ram killed Demon Ravan.

Now what I have learned is that; in today’s world the Demon Ravan is not outside, it is inside us as greed, jealousy, and other bad emotions.

We could have celebrated Dussheera anytime but, it is celebrated right after Navratras, is because, after fast of nine days and consuming only fruits, it refreshes our body from inside and suppress bad emotions & feelings and make us feel good about everything.

It is written in Hindu scripture and also proved by science that our emotions are related to the food we consume.

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