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Abhinaw Kumar
May 12, 2019 · 2 min read
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ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

When I joined ShieldSquare, I was given a task to build a global Cyber Security SaaS brand from India. Fast forward two years, we tripled our lead volume, established ourselves as thought leaders, won several awards, and became a leader in Forrester’s New Wave report along with two other giants- Akamai and Distil Networks. These years have been a helluva ride for me and my team.

In Jan 2019, Radware (listed at NASDAQ, headquartered at Israel) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ShieldSquare.

Last week, I decided to separate from Radware. Following piece was my last email to the folks with whom I got a chance to work and build a global SaaS product.

— —

Sub: Next Steps

This is my last email to all the wonderful people with whom I got a chance to work at ShieldSquare (Proudly, we are now part of Radware) and Radware. Thank you for making it a memorable journey.

During one of the interviews that I conducted last week, a candidate asked me to share takeaways from my journey at ShieldSquare. I thought to capture four of the lessons that are going to be with me throughout my professional life.

  1. Choosing what to work on is more important than how we work on it. Quality of deliverables can amplify the results of the course we adopt. But if we don’t spend time on opting the right path, our team might miss the highest possibility we could achieve together. At ShieldSquare, founders knew how to choose battles wisely.
  2. After we commit ourselves to a path for a certain period, we should focus on it without letting any noise disturb us. Productivity is a result of the focused work.
  3. On time-bound assignments, we should work to generate consensus among as many people as we can but we shouldn’t delay the timeline to generate consensus. However, we can delay it for other important reasons. Good Enough is better than Perfect.
  4. If we trust the captain of the ship, let’s trust his decisions and commit fully. He might be having a better view of the waters. A good team player knows when to drive and when to enjoy the ride.

I am thankful to ShieldSquare team for having me, and to Founders for giving me an opportunity to work at ShieldSquare. I would love to be in touch with everyone on LinkedIn and through my personal email (CCed).

Good luck to Radware Bot Manager Team!

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