What I learned From My Current Team

I have been working in teams for a long time. And, from last 5 years, I have been managing groups of marketers, content writers, doctors, engineers, designers and product managers at various small and big #startups. Often, I ask my colleagues and team members to share their feedback about me. This helps me improve and lead a self-aware life. However, I figured that I need to get better at asking right questions. I will write about my experience of learning from feedback another day.

Today, I want to write a post about what I learnt in last 1 year by working with my current team at ShieldSquare- a SaaS company that helps organisations manage non-human traffic.

*I have given them pseudonym to conceal their identity*

Designer 1 — How to be polite, down-to-earth and grounded even though you know you are among the best employees company has.

Content Marketer/Writer 1 — How to be sincere, predictable and always eager to learn. How to sincerely ask for reasonable amount of time to complete your work with adequate quality.

Developer 1 — How to grow your confidence slowly in a new environment. How to know your worth, firmly ask for what you deserve and manage the expectations of people.

Product Manager 1 — How to find your way to get the type of work you like and you enjoy. How to build relationships with stakeholders and navigate your way.

Content Writer/Marketer 2 — How to buy time when you have a deluge of work on your plate. How to find a way to complete all assignments within stipulated time by changing the quality of output for each assignment.

Digital Marketer 1 — How to stay calm and present your case even when you have missed your deadline by a significant margin. How to remain emotionally stable.

There are few more team-members, who just started working with me. I will write about them after a couple of months.