Day 1-cold Restart

As I restart my journey into code, I figured it would be a good idea to chronicle it. The longer you stay away from code, the longer it takes to build logic when you are back.Familiarity breeds contempt, but what is equally true is out of sight is out of mind.The mind takes time to fall back to its logic building pattern. Even the simplest of problems may feel difficult to fend of. It may take a couple hours to build logic for simple comparison and addition problems. The trick is to know that’s the real deal. That’s the price you pay for staying away. And slowly and steadily it all starts to come back. Add forgotten syntax to the list and lo! You’ve got yourself a lot of potentially “wasted” time. There are questions like “Wait! I should know this”. But the thing is, it’s there somewhere deep at the back of your mind and will take time to come back.

Same goes for writing a blog post. When on song, the words will flow on their own, but out of touch and you find yourself looking for ideas and sentence formations. And its okay. Once enough time is spent on it. Things will improve exponentially. Hard work put in never goes waste, it just goes into hibernation when not put to use regularly.

The trick is to realize its going to be difficult initially. That it will take time to feel like you are back on the saddle and moving forward from where you left off. Day 1 is always the double edged sword. Its the day you are probably most motivated to do it, buts also the day most of the disappointments and shocks come in. To stay on is the only choice. Stay put, embrace the suck and keep working. And believe that things will get better, eventually. You are starting at the bottom of the sine wave. With a value of -1. In time you’ll reach 0 and then move on into the positive graph.