Day 7- Line 0

In the dining business, most prep for the next day is done the day before. Vegetables are chopped, tables and stations are cleaned, broths are prepared and stored for the next day. This not only saves delivery and cooking time the next day but gives a time window to get things that are missing or prepare a contingency. Imagine the first customer of the day walking in to order a sandwich with whole wheat bread and you realize you’ve run out of whole wheat bread. Heck of a start to the day right!

Same goes with software. You can’t just wake up and start coding randomly unless you have the proper environment and programs set up. And guess what! There exists software complex enough that takes time to set up. So if you don’t consider pre-prep or set up a part of your project cycle, you’ll probably be behind the minute you start. That’s what line 0 of coding is- Making sure your environment and programs are in place before you even sit down to write that first line of code. There will be surprises. There will be searching and problem solving. And its important to understand its completely independent of the “actual problem” you are trying to solve. And these are just going to be hours eating up on your schedule you didn’t see coming.

Give yourself at least a day’s time to get your set up ready. A few hours won’t always cut it each time. And each customer won’t accept your offer to give them a white bread sandwich instead of a whole wheat sandwich. Either way its a botched up job you could absolutely do without.