The science of the Alien franchise

Science in movies can sometimes be stretched too far. Concepts can be garbled in the name of cinematic liberty. But in between all the adulteration and imagination come some movies which take their science seriously and are a treat to watch. The alien franchise is one such example.

Several scientific themes have been explored in the alien movies that are consistent and plausible to a great extent. They provide a lot of food for thought and a chance to actually watch a scientific simulation under progress. Though scripted, it can be quite thought provoking. Some concepts explored in detail are:

  1. AI- The AI stands out in terms of implementation. Especially in Alien 1, Prometheus and Alien:Covenant. The AI can be quite exciting for an enthusiast or a developer looking to dive into the field. It gives diverse examples of applications providing lots of details into what can prove to be good and bad. Even if the story is not your piece of cake, the AI is sure to excite you.
  2. Medical science- The fancy medical pods, surgical procedures and medical aides provide a lot of ideas about what direction we are headed towards in the medical field. The procedures can get too graphic at times, but that’s science. Not always so beautiful.
  3. Genetics- The last two movies focus on genetics a lot. With some additional reading, one can become aquainted with the basics of genetic engineering which may go on to prove an engaging career choice.
  4. Space tech- Now there are a lot of movies that have done an equally good if not better job in this department. Though most of the flying science is unexplained, the technology not discussed, it does provoke interest. A lot of exciting mechanics go on in the spacecraft as well as the crew’s equipment.

The movies play a good role in developing interest and getting a peek into what technology could be like in the future. A lot of ideas are floated, some of which can be explored and implemented realistically in coming times.

I knew exactly what to do on Alien, it was funny.- Ridley Scott