the Play of Flower and Bee

Oh beauty, Flower 
Do not look down, Please 
let me tell you and fill you 
And brighten you to peace. 
I know what he showed you 
And what you have seen 
The nectar is gone now 
And I know it was for free. 
Don’t mull over it 
It isn’t anyone’s fault 
Bee had to be Bee 
And you were to be Flower
The story had to begin 
Nectar had to be gone 
And had to be done 
In the way, it had been done. 
Never doubt the Bee either, 
And what it showed to you 
As all of it was true 
But just not what got to you. 
Nor blame the scripts 
Rather cherish the mix 
As there was more of the lights 
Than the darks of the night 
You were chosen to 
live, The parts of lights 
So it had to be done 
In the darks of the night. 
Cherish the lights 
I say, You 
were made for that 
And the rest come from that. 
This is the story of whole 
Of every heart and soul 
And oh beauty, Flower 
What a play it’s been!!

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