30 Quick Takes on Debate 2
Dave Pell

Dave you rock! His answer to replace Obamacare was to replace it with ‘something’ and it will be ‘so good’ that we (Americans) will like it. Of course there are no specifics and no details about his solutions or plans — because he has got none. He did not answer most of the questions — and it was the same repetitive crap — which obviously is all bullshit. Clinton could have done way better, with counter punches: like really Donald! — grab it by the pussy — is this the best you could do at 59!? He is our grab it by the pussy candidate — how presidential! The email gate cannot be denied — very bad judgement, totally agree with Trump, Obamacare needs to be fixed, and it is not fair to all Americans, and yes Billy boy got a BJ and he has abused women by virtue of his office. This is the real world stuff — we know it, democracy was never, and will never be perfect, capitalism is great and evil at the same time, may be if Romney had chosen to run this time, he may have probably won — but we have a choice to make! Our minds and hearts are struggling and our choice is not easy — for the true love of our country and what it stands for — let’s make America great again: by understanding our challenges and biases, converting our fears into productive strategies — and doing the right thing for America.