Evaluating the Buzzfeed dossier, by a former Intelligence Analyst
Jim Arkedis

It’s interesting that you published this in startup grind instead of a political publication on medium. Well, inferences you draw are credible, there are different ways to decipher credibility by working on the unknowns and extracting as much as one can to find the flow of logical connectors — of course that takes expertise, training and skill-set honed over years. I must say with president like trump, who is Uber exposed and while he may try to hide his conduct, his statements can be deciphered every-time, in context of what’s at play, at deeper-level. Why would he openly ask Russia to hack Clintons emails, on US public media, why he could not show his tax returns, why did he fire his key confidant who got bribed in Russia, why he openly denies anything to do with the intelligence reports, despite all the evidence. The whole intelligence, technical and legal apparatus the US has, can’t be faulty and conspiring against him. If he thinks that’s the case — then he should never be the commander in chief — regardless of the fact whether he was peed on voluntarily or not. The guy is badly compromised, with twisting of facts and repeated lies, this country is in deep danger. Who is monitoring the president?NSA needs to be true to the spirit of their mission — they should bug trump and monitor him 24/7 — we cannot afford to be compromised and blackmailed at any point during his presidency.

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