My Most Used Apps — 2015

Taking inspiration from Kevin Rose’s post, here are the apps that I currently use the most (in no particular order):

# Trello — Big fan! Use it for a variety of purposes, like maintaining various lists, organizing & prioritizing projects etc. Have tried different apps for todo lists, but I keep coming back to Trello. I also share some boards with wifey for easy collaboration. Shopping lists is one such example.

# Evernote — Mostly use this for things Trello is not good at. Note taking & scanning docs, for example. I am not a big fan of evernote though. Things are hard to find and support for neatly organizing stuff is limited. I wish Trello also supported easy note taking! Can get rid of evernote then.

# Podcasts — The Tim Ferris Show, This Week in Startups & Product Hunt Radio are my current favorites. This year, I also listened to Y-combinator’s How To Start A Startup Stanford course, which is available in podcast format. Recommended!

# TuneIn — Mostly listen to City 101.6 FM (Bollywood Radio from Dubai), its fun! Plus I get to know about the traffic on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed road. Who wouldn’t want to know that. ;)

# Wealthfront — Visit this occasionally to track my investments & deposits. Their blog posts about financial advice are very informative too.

# Mint — This one is a must have. It helps me get a consolidated view of all my bank, credit card and investment accounts. Also helps to track any fraudulent activity on my credit cards. It also shows us our credit score if we provide our SSN details. The score gets updated every three months for free. They pull this data from Equifax.

# Personal Capital — This one is similar to Mint, but has more features like health check of our investment accounts, and financial advice based on that.

# Kindle — I prefer to use kindle app on my iPhone 6S+ rather than using a separate kindle device. That way I don’t have to carry two devices. I also recently opened a Goodreads account to track my bookshelf online.

# Product Hunt — I love finding out cool new products and services and beta test them. Product Hunt helps me stay on top of that! Thank you Ryan Hoover!

# Boreal — This is a pretty neat HackerNews client. I think I hunted this one on Product Hunt.

# Twitter — Twitter is my source of all kinds of news these days! Follow the right people, and relevant stuff pops up on our timeline. In fact, I rarely have to open Flipboard these days.

# Feedly — I use this app to follow interesting blogs. Wish there were a service that tweets the new posts on the blogs we follow (including posts on medium). That way, I can solely rely on Twitter for my news and interesting blog posts, curated by me!

# Strava — To track my road biking activity. A neat summary of my activity on strava in 2015 can be found here.

# Sworkit — Occasionally use this workout app for doing some quick workouts at home.

That’s it! Did not include the essentials like gmail, maps, yelp, slack, & whatsapp.

Which apps do you use the most? What do you like or dislike about them? Would love to know!