Self-Teaching and My Experience with It

Self-study is a truly enriching and enhancing experience that every person can observe in his or her life. As the name suggests, self-learning refers to the study of a subject, subject, or concept. It focuses on the key elements of self-learning new information. In a rapidly changing world, everything is constantly changing and choosing to learn new things to adapt. An internet connection makes self-learning easier than ever. The Internet has truly expanded everyone’s knowledge by providing information on a wide range of topics and concepts through online courses and blogs, helping them in their self-learning journey. The journey of self-learning is constant in an individual’s life and is one of the important skills companies look for when hiring. Studying anything on our own is real training because we are constantly learning new things and craving new knowledge.

Self-learning is driven by a person’s desire and purpose to learn and accept new information. Curiosity is one of the things that helps you discover new things, and self-study helps you satisfy that curiosity. It helps an individual to expand their horizons.

There are many benefits when it comes to selflearning. The first one being, there is no time constraint. One can learn anything, anywhere and anytime. Individuals can learn at any place and their own pace. There is no end deadline like how the traditional education does to finish a topic. Maybe this is a reason why people who indulge in selflearning learn things quicker as compared to the traditional method of being taught within a constrained time limit. Selflearning helps to absorb information and understand the concept much better. This allows people to become their own master. Another great benefit of selflearning is that the sources of learning are unlimited. It can be from YouTube videos, courses from Coursera, a blog post, PDFs, and other online sources. Thus, being a significant force in fulfilling an individual’s curiosity.

Personally, I’ve been using this method of learning since a long time. Selflearning has helped me to learn new concepts whilst also helping me figure out my strengths and weaknesses in that said topic; what I am good at and what I can improve on. It has helped me expand my horizons and made me crave to learn more and more. The information available on the Internet has allowed me to learn more and gain more knowledge. It has helped me progress and be better in every way. I believe that self-study not only helps you better understand a concept, but it also instills confidence in the subject so that you begin to relate the concept to real-world scenarios. In my opinion, this is actually a self-learning and effective way to learn.

However, my self-taught experience in entrepreneurship and business development classes has been very helpful. Our professors often share links to videos to watch after class to better understand the concepts in a hands-on way, and encourage the concept of self-learning. This allowed our students to satisfy our curiosity to know more. Online posts and videos shared for viewing and reading after school helped me to better explore and understand the topic. This is useful because self-taught is the only way to help you learn something new in the course of your entrepreneurial journey. Self-taught as a student has helped me a lot to master the basic concepts easily.

In order to improve your selflearning journey, it is always important to be curious. Curiosity allows our journey of learning to be an easygoing and enriching experience as this will help us to be receptive to learn more. Curiosity is the very reason an individual can learn something in an efficient way. Online learning platforms will be very helpful to learn new concepts. Another way of improving your selflearning journey would be to establish goals. This will help you plan your goals, making it easier to learn new concepts in the long run. Finally, another way to enhance your self-learning journey is by teaching others on the same self-learning journey as you. As learners, it’s always better to share your knowledge.


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