So at the end of the semester, with the project complete, and culminating in a final presentation and the IDM Showcase, it was a blast.

Final Project Link:

Image from Unsplash

The podcast was the right choice of media. It took much longer to record than I had anticipated, where every 3–5 minute episode took over an hour to record. This came from constantly having to record and rerecord every sentence/phrase to make it match the tone of the previous one, and also to correct any mistakes in recording (such as unpleasant breaths, being too far/close to the mic etc).

In the…

I actually have 2 projects that I wish to showcase that I think have been documented amazingly well.



Documentation by Cassidy Haney.

Courtesy of Unsplash

For both of these projects, I was working with Cassidy on them, for our Radical Architecture class. Since I knew of myself that I wasn’t particularly good at or enjoyed documentation, Cassidy had taken the lead in it.

I really appreciate that not only did she very regularly update her blog about our progress, but also managed to document everything from slides, to pictures of prototypes, to pictures of us working on the project, to notes from class.

This is definitely a gold standard for documentation.

So in a turn of events, I’ve decided that perhaps the best medium for my content would be a podcast. It would be light, it would be easy to consume, and it would be something people could come back to whenever they so choose to.

In order to make a successful podcast, one needs only 1 thing.

A beautiful voice.

Do I have this?

I guess we’ll find out ;)

Courtesy of Unsplash

In preparing for the podcast, I’ve laid out my content into 7 episodes that will cover the breadth of an introduction, understanding the rent vs buy decision, whether to get an agent, the mortgage process, the title process, the closing process and costs, and final conclusions and alternatives.

The demo went really well actually.

Tons of good feedback, tons of positive reception for the message and the direction, and tons of great ideas on how to proceed.

Decision Tree Game

Many people agreed that the message was an important one, either as a snapshot of the progress RE Tech has made in the past 5 years, or as a starter material for anyone interested in financial literacy or home buying.

Good ideas on how to solve the problem of delivering large content in an entertaining manner:

  1. Break down the message into a series of videos
  2. Make a game/interactive version where the…

The halfway point draws near.

What will I present as the culmination of my research, and as a demo for my final version?

What can best encapsulate my vision for my content?

How to Real Estate in 2019

I decided to lay it all out in the form of a presentation first, and then narrate over it.

I then broke all of this up step by step, option by option, and narrated over it, weighing the pros and cons of every option.

It was meant to be a comprehensive overview of the entire process, and a very good test for how I can possibly deliver the…

The real estate industry is not only huge, but is also very complicated.

If I want to begin distilling down the various moving parts into a small enough message where I can hope to teach someone about what’s involved, I need to begin by doing research into the specifics of the industry.

For this, I chose the perspective of a home buyer, not only for the perspective for understanding the industry, but also for whom this content would be most beneficial.

Mind vomit of the space

I began this process with a mind vomit, just to, in an expansive rather than reductive manner, to begin…

Having given some thought about what I want to achieve, the story I want to tell, and the strengths that I have, I decided on taking my learning from over the past year at FlareAgent (startup where we automate and simplify real estate transactions), and present it in a manner a first time home buyer, someone right out of college interested in financial literacy, or just someone who hasn’t purchased a home in a while but is interested in the new options of doing so, would benefit from.

In other words, I want to combine my experience in the startup…

So I’m not sure on where to start.

I just kind of go with it.

Last semester, in one of my classes, I had written a paper on Blockchain x Gaming. In doing so, I had come up with a vision for a utopia where after we have destroyed Earth (cause we obviously will at the rate at which we are going), and we move to Mars (because the Moon is too small), we will all live in these pods that somehow medically keep us alive, but in order to maximize efficiency of resources, and so as not to destroy…

Final Project: Kerning PQ

For the final project, the assignment was to use inspiration from an existing architectural style, and make something in accordance to that.

I immediately thought of a game I used to play as a childhood, MapleStory. I wanted to take one of the most iconic locations, and turn it into a 3D scene in Maya.


Kerning PQ MapleStory

I wanted to focus on lighting as well throughout this project.

Final results:

Inspiration for this comes from ‘THE Mirror” that exists on the landing lobby on the ITP Department’s floor in the NYU Tisch Building.

NYU Tisch Mirror Thing

This contraption basically is a 2D array of wooden tiles, that flip when someone walks in front of it.

I love this because it doesn’t need any instructions, and works so well in creating an interactive experience that is still fun.

While a hardware version is really cool, what is really cool is an open source software version of this.

Imagine this for a second:

  1. We create a version of this mirror that is interactive in 3D…

Abhiroop Cvk

Co-Founder & COO @ Sophire. Designer by day, artist by night.

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