Navigational Design - 1

Dark Forest

Imagine you are travelling through a dark, dense and woody forest. There comes a time when you are completely clueless on how to reach your destination. Frustration builds up, dark clouds occupy a place on your mind, you lose your sleep and constantly think about why you embarked on a journey in the first place. You dream of the marvellous sight of roaring waterfalls but those dreams never see the face of the light.

You wish you had a torch, right map and navigation compass with you to help you figure out the way. Alas !!

Well, navigating through a website or any application is no different.

Have you ever felt that you are searching for your desired functionality or product and the search goes on and on ?

Have you ever struggled in purchasing your desired product from a shopping website ?

The moment you feel these thoughts, you take a step back. And visit other websites and the cycle goes on. Until you find the one or the solution.

The solution lies in the design, the better navigational design of the website to on-board you, empower you, to ease your pain and take your worries.

The question is, how to design better navigational system ? The answer lies in comprehending the basics of navigation psychology.

Navigation System

There are 4 basic principles to consider for designing any navigation system.

  1. Knowing where you are in the system.
  2. Knowing what you can do in the system
  3. Knowing where you are going in the system.
  4. Knowing where you have been or what you have done in the system.

Style changes, Trend changes, Pattern changes, but the crux remains the same. Above 4 points are the crux of better navigational interface. Master it, and you will ease the struggles of any visitor.

To be continued ….