Bypassing LFI (Local File Inclusion)

LFI (Local File Inclusion) allows an attacker to expose a file on the target server. With the help of directory traversal(../) we can access files that should not be accessible to a user.

For example, This will return the index.html This will return the passwd file.

Its a serious issue, P1 and could lead to RCE with various methods.

Bugcrowd VRT

In my case the URL was

So i tried directory traversal in the page parameter. The list of payloads can be found here. Its a huge list but ../../../etc/passwd works most of the time but the amount of time you need to add ../ can be huge, and even even if you add maybe 20 ../ the command i.e etc/passwd maybe blocked. So its a bit of try and error.

In my case i had to add ../ 7 times but the final command had .html at the end like so ../../../../../../../etc/passwd.html

Tried changing filetype to txt, png etc no luck.

NullByte - %00

After trying various techniques and encoding, the final payload was

That is the below payload encoded in base64.


After a lot of trial and error and getting blocked i could finally access the passwd file. Now time to escalate this to RCE. Unfortunately, i could not escalate this to RCE cause i could only read a few files and for RCE we need to access specific files. But you can escalate it to RCE via the below methods if you find LFI.

There are a ton of blogs that explain various methods for RCE which are just a google search away.

For those who ask me on twitter from where do i learn all the bug bounty stuff, the below resources should help.

Basically i just read a lot of blogs and try that on my target website 😆

Hope you learned something.

Thanks 😄




Bug-Bounty | Pentester

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Bug-Bounty | Pentester

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