Strange Redirect (Fixed but no bounty)

The target has a bug bounty program but they fixed it without any response. 🤷🏻‍♂️

When clicked on login the url had a redirect parameter.

and so i tried different payloads but most of them got 403 Forbidden or just would not redirect me to where i wanted.

Nothing worked until this payload -evil%252ecom but it redirected me to

and i was like.

So if the url was it would redirect to target.comanything and so i added pany in the redirect parameter and it redirected to

After that i went to see if the domain is available and it was.

I reported this vulnerability to them and no response for about a week. So i contacted again and its now been at least 4 months still no response but they fixed it.

Hope you learned something, if you liked then please share.

Thank You.😁

Bug-Bounty | Pentester

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