How we went about making Snapdeal for the next 100 Million Internet Users

While talking to my cab driver on one of my many Ola rides, I figured out one of the major barriers that native language speakers have in shopping online is language. These consumers have money to spend and want to purchase fancy clothes, trendy gadgets but are afraid to enter fancy malls. The anonymity of purchasing stuff online is a perfect use case for them — if and only if we assisted them to buy online in the language they understand.

With this hypothesis in mind, we went about validating this with various target users:

The initial hypothesis were validated and the earlier wireframes were developed. Users were comfortable in shopping in their native language and were delighted to find that someone is caring for their needs. We also got feedback on what type of language consumers were expecting to be present.

After validating the initial hypothesis, we silently went about building the capabilities for the launch.We also had the learnings of our earlier failed attempt to launch language on our PC platform which we wanted to incorporate in the current launch. We wanted the end to end experience of the product to be in specific languages. We created this experience of even the merchandizing properties and the buy flow in the native language.

The way we onboarded language experts to validate our launches has also been really interesting. We got the HR team to help us identify employees in the organization from different states who can help us perform the user acceptance testing of the features. 5 days flat we met about 50 different individuals in Snapdeal and picked up 2 individuals who would help us curate 5 regional languages. Just today we launched our telugu portal as well.

The amount of delight and ease of shopping that we are bringing for our consumers with this launch is immense. We are just starting on this journey and it is a big road ahead for us in this direction.

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