Doc Finder: Making Patients Life Easy !!

1.1 App Idea

Team Members: Abhishek Bhattacharya and Hitesh Arora

The Foundation through IMAD course

It has been very exciting few months for me when I started exploring App Development in January this year. I came across IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development) through the NPTEL website which looked pretty interesting for a beginner like me and the Hasura team involved a Summer Internship offer for the course toppers, an icing on the cake !! It involved all the real life practical examples and the common app development scenarios which were quite unique and different for an online course.

I got through the IMAD course and got the internship offer from Hasura.My first reaction :), I was filled with joy and was enthusiastic to join the Internship.Using PaaS with BaaS components, Hasura is quite unique in its way helping developers life easy in deploying and focus on solving their problems. It’s built with CoreOS, Docker & Kubernetes so it can run anywhere, Even locally on your system!! No need to pay hefty hosting fees.

The Idea

During the internship, we could choose our own problem statement and build an application that solves it. This was an excellent opportunity for me to solve a real life problem.Questions to be asked: Why are you building this? What problem are you trying to solve?

One thought struck my mind as I faced this problem a lot of times myself.Patients in India have to go through a lot of problems before even securing an appointment with the Doctor!

Long queues in Government Hospitals, Hefty fees charged in Private scenarios.That too happens even before meeting the Doctor, quite ironic!

So I decided to implement Doc Finder: Where Patients meet Doctors, it is a web application which will use HTML, CSS, and Node.js using a simplistic design.Accordingly, due to the internship guidelines, our app needed to be within 3 screens (Registration/Login excluded) so that it simplifies our work during the internship and focused on completing within 8 weeks.

The home screen helps the Patients browse about the Doctors available on the portal and their specializations associated, A screen to fill the patient details and the third screen will be used to book the appointment and provide doctor’s details to the patient with the associated time slot.
Coming Up

In the next blog, I’ll be discussing the prototype of my web application using