3 factors which you think would affect the Airbnbs rental cost, but it doesn’t!!

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay

Getting Started

log_price                 74111 non-null float64
property_type 74111 non-null object
room_type 74111 non-null object
amenities 74111 non-null object
accommodates 74111 non-null int64
bathrooms 73911 non-null float64
bed_type 74111 non-null object
cancellation_policy 74111 non-null object
cleaning_fee 74111 non-null bool
city 74111 non-null object
host_has_profile_pic 73923 non-null object
host_identity_verified 73923 non-null object
instant_bookable 74111 non-null object
latitude 74111 non-null float64
longitude 74111 non-null float64
number_of_reviews 74111 non-null int64
review_scores_rating 57389 non-null float64
zipcode 73145 non-null object
bedrooms 74020 non-null float64
beds 73980 non-null float64
log_price                     0
property_type 0
room_type 0
amenities 0
accommodates 0
bathrooms 200
bed_type 0
cancellation_policy 0
cleaning_fee 0
city 0
host_has_profile_pic 188
host_identity_verified 188
instant_bookable 0
latitude 0
longitude 0
number_of_reviews 0
review_scores_rating 16722
zipcode 966
bedrooms 91
beds 131
0    {"Wireless Internet","Air conditioning",Kitche...
1 {"Wireless Internet","Air conditioning",Kitche...
2 {TV,"Cable TV","Wireless Internet","Air condit...
3 {TV,"Cable TV",Internet,"Wireless Internet",Ki...
4 {TV,Internet,"Wireless Internet","Air conditio...

Data Analysis

Do reviews affect the Airbnb cost ?

Log price vs Number of reviews (Scatter Plot)
Mean of log_price per rating

The Airbnbs closer to the center of the city is costlier than those which are not?

Do the AirBnbs compete among each other’s in the same area?

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay



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