Lazy Lazy… #100DaysofCode #Day4

This is gonna be a short one. So, few developers can breath easy as they were getting bored of the constant philosophical stuff that I was writing.

I had a very very very lazy day. I was shocked that I could get something accomplished. It rained all day here. As much I love rain, it makes me feel sleepy. Which gave me motivation to work on my weather app which I have just completed. Only the functionality part. I will style and publish it tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll start another project tomorrow.

I learned how to hijack requests made by a user to the server. It was fun. Hopefully I can apply that in a project soon.

Now the big announcement! I have lost 5 kilos, which is equivalent to roughly 11 pounds, in a span of 40 days. It feels so satisfying when your efforts show up in the results. That was also one of the reasons why I was so satisfied all day in spite of the fact that I didn’t get much accomplished.

That’s about it for Day 4, see you all again tomorrow!

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