Ramblings. 1/n

I tweet a lot of bullshit. In between there’s some bits I (and occasionally others) think might merit attention.

Ramblings is (might turn out to be) a series of posts where I intend to pick up those few, document and maybe talk about them in a little more detail. I’ll attempt to make it actionable on not vague ass b.s.

  • Easiest skillset you can pick up in any line of work is attention to detail. And you cannot begin to fathom the insane impact it can have.

I’ve worked in the top tier strategy consulting for near five years. And I might say I’d already had this instilled in me before (to an extent), but its only here that I truly understood what attention to detail meant, what it needs and the phenomenal impact it can have.

Spelling names right, structuring your communication, making sure you’ve covered all relevant points, getting dates right, formatting things right, font sizes, consistent tense across your writing etc. etc. — all go on to suggest a high quality of work and detail. And call bullshit on that if you so wish — it has a non trivial impact on how you and your work are perceived and taken.
Double — triple check your work if need be. Get it right.

#ProTip: What helped me a lot is printing all my output, and reading + marking it out with a pencil wherever I found something amiss. Half the problem is in spotting the mistakes. This helps.

  • If you’re not willing to bleed and get a bone or two busted, there is actually very little chance you’ll win the fight.

Think of anyone you admire / respect / look up to. Try and know a little more about them and their journey — you might need to dig deeper but you’ll soon discover more about the blood / tears / sweat they shed to get where they are.

It’s a fight. It just happens to be worth it. Not easy.

  • Expect nothing of the world. But expect the world of yourself.

You have control only over yourself, your own actions, beliefs, …
Knock yourself out expecting everything and then some from yourself, but not from the world. That way you’re a little less likely to get disappointed / frustrated and in doing so — also likely to better in your endeavours.

  • You are the only thing standing between yourself and what you want to get done / your goals / …. The. Only. Thing.

It’s surprising to me how often we accord the lack of our ability to make progress (however one defines it) on factors outside our locus of control. I don’t mean to say that they can’t truly have a role (often a decisive one), but the point is to define your own locus of control + responsibility and go all out within that. We aren’t even doing that as we look for the easier way out of pegging it on something.

#Tip: Just be mindful of yourself for a day. Attribute external blame to nothing — but instead think of what you can do or how you can change whatever you have definite control over.

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