SAF 1206

Each year during army reservist, I have lots of conversations with those around me. Many times they revolve around, “how are you doing?”, “how is life?”.

One of the conversations revolves around this: An 8-numbered padlock that we use to lock our cupboards and keep the contents safe.

At times we even put our rifles inside the cupboard if we go for lunch feeling assured it will be safe once we come back.

Over a conversation with a fellow medic, we realized that there are just 70 combinations that prevent someone from opening our cupboard and accessing its contents! One just has to figure out the 4 numbers that opens the lock, in any order to open it.

Think about it:









Many times when we leave our bunks one of the keys might be left unpressed. This further reduces the possibilities to just 35!

Hardly takes 15 minutes to get in.

With 2 known keys, it’s just 15 combinations.

And with 3 known it’s just 5 😮

Maybe should turn to the traditional padlock instead?