What’s the motive of life? What is the true meaning of it? Why we are here living as human beings the sharpest and the best species on the planet? Is it the money? Is it a good status in society? Or is it a lot of success in a lifetime?

If you take my opinion I would recommend you to seek happiness from life as much as you can. No matter how bad situation you are in, just look for happiness in every moment. Writing about happiness, I have a short true story that I would like to share with you.

I was going to PATNA once from my hometown HILSA by bus which is nearly 41 kms away. Earphones plugged in, enjoying the scenes outside the bus window, praising the singer and musician; I was totally into the moment. Suddenly bus conductor shouted Hanuman Nagar which was my stop.

I got down from the bus. Now I had to take an auto till Gandhi Maidan because that’s where I had some work. It was mid of June and summer was just showing it’s true color.

Suddenly a child aged almost 10 came to me screaming Gandhi Maidan. I shook my head in agreement, he almost dragged me laughing till his auto as there were lots of other auto drivers shouting for the same place. I was also amused with the way he brought me. On the driving seat a guy aged nearly 15 was sitting. I sat near him, on the other side his brother(one who brought me) sat. After filling out all seats which took only 2 minutes big brother started driving towards the destination. Now both brothers started talking on different matters. Younger one says, “you drive too slowly, you are an idiot, we can complete 6 trips if you let me drive”. Elder one starts laughing and tries to make him understand the benefits of the way he drives. I was stunned by the way he was doing it. Both were enjoying their hearts out despite the 48 degree boiling temperature drowning all of us into sweat. I enjoyed their talks and a little Sabre-rattling.
We were about to reach Rajendra Nagar(a stop), suddenly one passenger said that he lost one shoe at the last stop(malahi pakadi) and we had come almost 1 km away from malahi pakadi. He started blaming the driver that because of the jerks, shoe could have fallen off the auto. He asked him to go back for taking the lost shoe. One girl sitting by the peculiar man started scolding the elder brother. I was like, what the heck was he doing in this one kilometer which was the same question one of the two brothers asked. The man said he couldn’t feel his legs. He is just coming from the doctor for the same reason. The driver got emotional but he was reluctant to go back as it would have caused a little loss of money and time which was of big concern for a poor person like him. He told his little brother to go back running for some distance and check if the shoe is there. Hesitantly the little boy went running and came back after 5 minutes to tell his brother that he couldn’t find it. Meanwhile the man kept scolding him for driving badly though it wasn’t true. I wanted to say something to the man but preferred not to. After listening to all this he(driver) chose to go back and for that he had to go ahead for some distance and turn back as road was one sided. Little guy was telling him not to do so but he laughed and told him to shut up.
Luckily we found the shoe after reaching to the last stop(malahi pakadi). Now we started going in the direction we were supposed to go. At Rajendra Nagar the man got down and gave him a ten rupee note. Little brother with smiling face muttered not to give remaining money (5 rupees) back as he caused a lot of problems. Big brother laughed and gave the man his money back. Both of them were smiling and enjoying so was I.

I got so much inspired by the two brothers that I promised myself to be always happy. I still have that incident fresh in my mind which makes me remember all of that. No matter how hard is life with you, you must keep smiling.

If you see they didn’t have too many achievements in their lives but they were happy and so much that I envy their happiness.

Now it’s up to you that how would you choose to live life.

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