We’re really proud of the community of players, artists and developers that has grown around and KittyHats. We want to see the ecosystem around CryptoKitties ascend to new heights and use it to create a measurable positive impact in our world. In order to do this and to create the next generation of experiences for players, we must begin a conversation around what the future of decentralized games looks like. To create truly immersive worlds we have to build a strong foundation for blockchain gaming projects that fosters a culture of innovation, sharing and social good. …

My friend Anshul recently told me about CryptoKitties. I had heard about it clogging up the ETH pipes and causing the price to drop but had not realized what an amazing design the CryptoKitties team had realized. CryptoKitties are basically breed-able beanie babies built on top of the ethereum blockchain. And yet, they are also so much more than that: CryptoKitties are a digital playground where programmers, geneticists, and experts in economics, bioinformatics, machine learning and game theory can come together to learn and play.

Studying cryptokitties

For those of you new to CryptoKitties, have a look at the Mashable guide; this…

Abhishek Chadha

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